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  Everyone knows animals are our friends。 So we should be friendly to them。

  But some people kill the rare animals, such as pandas, golden monkeys and so on in order to get money。

  It will cause these animals to disappear soon。

  I think our government should punish those people severely who kill the rare animals。

  It is our duty to protect the endangered animals。


  animals are friends of human beings, we should protect it, not to hurt it, we have in this world, why not let the animals and we humans live together in this world?

  many animals have bee extinct in the world in our hands, brigade pigeon is one of them, at the age of carefree life in the north american continent, every migrating season, tens of thousands of them。 when europeans first set foot on the north american continent, there were more than half a billion passenger pigeons。 but when the europeans arrived, they began to be hunted on a large scale because of the delicacy of the pigeon meat。 since then, the passenger pigeon has gradually gone extinct。 when pigeon meat was readily available on the market, the state of michigan captured 7。5 million passenger pigeons in a season。 once, a club killed 50, 000 passenger pigeons a week, and some 500 of them were killed one day。 they wrote down the crimes -- that was the result of their game。 someone even came up with the idea of sewing a passenger pigeon's eye, tying it to a branch, and opening it。 his panions arrived, and they fell into the net。 sometimes you can catch thousands of them at a time。 thi

  s method must be spread widely。 thus, in less than 100 years, passenger pigeons have been reduced from billions to the brink of extinction。

  passenger pigeon: wild extinction in 1900; in 1914, at the national museum of washington in the united states, there was a passenger pigeon standing on a branch of a tree, with a long beak and a pointed tail。 but it forever said goodbye to the blue sky。 it can't move, can't bark, can't eat。 this is the last passenger pigeon in the world, and it's a specimen。 the wooden eyes, looking at the people of this century, how to kill its kind, how to skin its skin and pluck its flesh from its flesh。

  if we humans do not stop, the ecology will be unbalanced, the resources of the world will be recycled, and we will be extinct。


  It is known to everyone that the unrestrained slaughter of wild animals has diminished the number of some endangered species。 More and more species are being driven to extinction every year。 It is terrible to think that magnificent animals are being sacrificed to human vanity

  There are already laws enacted to prevent the importation of rare animals and the products made from their flesh, skin and bones。

  These laws must be strictly enforced。 Violators of these laws must be severely punished 。Moreover, the public must be informed about the natural treasures we stand to lose 。If we don’t take immediate action, we will be depriving future generations of our most precious heritage。

  In Taiwan, because most people do not understand the importance of wildlife, the wildlife is in a poor situation。 We Chinese are fond of eating anything delicious, so there are many animals killed by hunters。 People enjoy eating tigers, bears, birds, and lions, so there are fewer and fewer birds flying in the sky and fewer and fewer bears running here and there in the forest。 Instead, we often see them for sale at the market。 How poor they are! And how cruel we are!

  In my opinion, we should try every possible way to preserve wildlife。 First, no one is allowed to hurt any wild animal。 Second, the authorities concerned should punish those who kill any wild animal。 Third, we should pay more attention to those endangered species to protect them from being eaten。 If we can do so, nature must bee very beautiful。


  the crowns on his head were big and red, like a red hat。 on both sides of the head of the black stones like small eyes, small also has a sharp mouth, it was wearing a brown and yellow clothes, two claws yellow yellow, like a yellow dye of the maple leaf, its tail always was cocked upward, start the way to a place a place, like a proud queen, very good-looking!

  especially when he lays his eggs, he hides in his nest, and his feathers are all up, and sometimes he makes a little noise。 when he's finished, he runs out of his nest, raises his head, craned his neck up, and "up, up, up。。。" "cried the earth, and it was very interesting!

  when he was happy, he would walk up and down the ground, sometimes stretching his wings and saying that he was very happy。 when he is unhappy, he will run away。 if you catch it, it will run very fast。

  when he eats, his mouth is always pecked。 whoever causes it, he will grasp it with his paws。

  i like the old hen very much, and i hope it lays more eggs, so that i can eat the eggs, which are tall and fat。


  animals, like us, have thoughts, feelings, and their own way of life, and more freedom。

  we should not destroy their peaceful and harmonious lives, we have no right to destroy their lives, and of course, there is no reason to blame them。

  every time our table is lined with fragrant dishes, such as snakes, frogs, and other animals。 should we consider that every animal we eat is equal to the amount of insects that are harmful to the farmers。 we are not should the perspective-taking once, they are in a concerted effort to catch insects, can human beings not only ungrateful, instead put them as their food, as we human beings every day to make money, how they are evil!

  today, many of the creatures on earth are rare and even endangered! if there were no animals on earth, what would the earth be like and what would humanity be?[由Www.ylsoa.Com整理]

  i think it's time for us to reflect on ourselves, and if we go on like this, we'll be enemies of the animals, let alone dance with the wolves。

  man, wake up! protect the wild animals。 now, it's too late!


  I am a student from Xinhua High School in Chongqing,China。 Informed that you have a vacancy for a student to serve as the spokesman for animals, I cannot resist my inner excitement,hoping to seize the opportunity to do something for animals 。

  In my mind,nothing can delight me so much as caring for animals。 Wherever I go and whatever I do, I usually keep in mind that animals are angels from the heaven, which bring us endless fort and pleasure。 I have been a panda lover since my childhood。 Panda is so lovely that brings fun to people and they are regarded as the treasure of our country。 Unfortunately,such a rare species is now faced with the danger of being extinct。What I am eager to do is to raise people’s awareness of animal protection and appeal to more people to care for our earth panies。


  it was a fine day today and the sun was bright。 i visited beijing zoo with my classmate, he song。 the animals were so interesting that all the people loved them。 when a bear asked for some food by waving its ann, a visitor threw something to it。 at once i went up to him and said without thinking,'don't do that。 it's bad for it。 if you really love them, take good care of them。' his face turned red and answered he wouldn't do that again。



  关于保护野生动物的提议 advice on protecting wild animal

  many animals are in danger of dying out。 as is shown in the chart, we can see the number of animal species decreases faster and faster and this trend will continue。 from 1980 to 2010, at least 1 million animal species have disappeared。 worse still, more and more wild animals are in great danger。 it is not a piece of sensational news; it is a fact, a harsh reality。 unfortunately, we may not see these animals in the near future。


  from the second picture, we can find some reasons。 why is the number of animal species declining year by year? apparently animals have bee victims of fashion industry。 animal skin has been used to make fashionable clothes and these clothes sell at a high price。 so some greedy people begin to kill animals in a large quantity。 this irresponsible behavior not only breaks the balance of nature but also endangers the living environment of human beings。


  as far as i am concerned, something must be done to stop this illegal action。 we believe "no buying, no killing"。 first, we must make concerning laws to protect these animals in danger。 second, we must take some measures to protect animals effectively。 animals are our friends and part of our environment。 third, we should raise people's awareness to protect animals and our environment。 in this way, we can build a harmonious society and ensure a sustainable development。



  There are more and more endangered animals at present,so how to protect them has been our task of top priority 。

  It's wrong for people to hunt animals for their meat and feather,for they are our good friends。

  We should protect them instead of killing them。Giant pandas,which are one of the endangered animals,live in the forests and live on bamboo lealves。

  They can just live safely in the natural protection zones。

  We should stop killing animal and protect them。


  some people like kittens, some people like dogs, some people like rabbits。 what i like is: the cat does not catch rat, the dark glasses are not far away, want to ask the favorite, the favourite bamboo leaves。 everyone knows that our national treasure, panda。

  i like it not only because it is a national treasure。 even more because of his cute and cuddly look。

  the panda has a chubby figure, a chubby face and looks lovely。 he had a pair of watery eyes and a pair of dark glasses。 he was pretending to be handsome。 its ears were black, and its chubby cheeks were white, and its fat little hands were black and white, and its fat little feet were black。 this is how it looks。

  the panda looks silly, he likes to eat bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots, eat and sleep, the whole body languid。

  when the panda was small, he was very clever。 he often walked around in the bamboo forest and climbed up and down on the bamboo pole。 he was very cute。

  pandas like to eat bamboo shoots。 panda stomach growling, straight body sitting cross-legged, his front paws grab a piece of fresh bamboo in the next section, first she will bite off the bamboo leaf, save in the mouth, holding in its claws again, left, right, methodically eating, "crunching sound vaguely。" i was so full that i had to spit on my throat。 she rolled over and walked to the pool。 the front leg leaned over the pool, bent down, buried his head, and began to drink。 it was a laugh to look at it。 after a full meal, the panda walked leisurely and happily on the flat ground。 sometimes looking up at the people; sometimes the head is low, so now what to look for, and what to think。 when he was happy, he rolled down the ground like a big ball rolling in the ground。

  this is what i like: it's the cat that doesn't catch the mouse, the sunglasses are not far away, ask the favorite, the favorite bamboo leaf -- the panda。


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