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  With a smile in all over the sky snow, winter spring scent。 People, often with a grateful heart。 Flowers gratitude the rain, because rain moisten it grow; Goshawk Thanksgiving sky because the sky to let it fly; Let him towering mountain Thanksgiving earth because the earth。

  I am grateful to my parents, is they gave me life, give me a warm home, solid and warm haven to bee the place where I live。 Dad you are daughter safe and warm support in the heart, tired when lying down on it, will let my spirit one hundred times; Dad is your daughter in the heart of the vast ocean the other shore, the first onshore waiting for the daughter to return; Dad is your daughter in the heart of the sun, the shadow of the shine off the daughter in the heart。。。

  Is you, mom, gestation, brought me to this colorful world, is you, put up pulling me grow up, how many cold nights up to pull the quilt for my daughter, how many a hot summer day, is your roll, the fan drive away mosquitoes for me。。。 Mom: thank you, thank you for your tolerance, tolerate everything of her daughter。 To recall the previous headstrong, I shame, the scenes of rolled back, opened the door of memory, my mind floated to go back in time。 So I aspire to be a grateful people, grateful parents, grateful homeland, thanks all the people who care about me!





  Be Grateful to Our Parents

  Since we were born, many people help us a lot。 We should be grateful to their kindness。 But the ones we should show our greatest appreciation are our parents。 From the first day we appear in their lives, they give us all their love and care, but never expect anything in return。 As long as they are there, we do not feel any difficulties, because they are always in front of our shelter, preventing us from difficulties and danger。 In order to make our lives better, learn better, they do everything they can to create the best conditions for us, but ignore their own needs。 Therefore, we need to cherish parents’ love and repay their upbringing。 We should treat them as they treat us。




  Grateful mother, is she taught me to learn to be, is she taught me how to municate with partners municate with each other, is she taught me to help and love from person to person。 Is the most profound in my memory on one occasion, my mother and I go home together, home cousin are playing a game model of the toys, I also very want to play a gun up, but my cousin take back, I was punched in the past, my cousin also don't get back to me, so we played together。 When my mother saw hurriedly pulled me aside to。 Because I am the only child in the home at ordinary times, everybody affectionately to me, this let me formed the character of swashbuckling would not agree。 Wanted to mom this time will call my cousin to give me play the toy, but mother didn't do that, but pulled me aside to me to apologize to my cousin。 At first I hated cousin very much in the heart, which will easily agree? Mother looked at will fort me and patiently enlighten me, give me about the story of "jung let pear"。 After lis

  tening to the story, I also recognize the fault, and apologize to my cousin to apologize。 Since then my Cousins and I are very friendly to get along, never quarrel with each other。 Mother's teachings in my young mind leave deep memory, in my own life to learn to be nice, tolerance, apologize to each other。

  Grateful mother, is she gave me the most unselfish love, she is always worried about my food, clothing, shelter, line。 Thank for a mother for giving me the concern of dribs and drabs。 The ancients cloud: "dripping of grace, when animals are reported"。 Ancient huang-xiang temperature had seats, carp lying ice。。。 The story of 24 filial piety。 This is China's mule Meng Peijie touched story。 But now there is something in my gratitude for the mother of way, also don't finish。 From now, I want to help my mother share housework more at ordinary times, reduce the mother's work, study hard work more at ordinary times, in order to reduce the worry about mother。 Give mother some greetings, as she poured tea water, wipe the sweat back rubs。

  All in all, to thank for a mother for too much too much, I remember meng jiao has bee a "the wanderer", "the loving mother hand line, wandering onto clothing。 Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay。 Who made the heart-inch grass, at a three chunhui。" Now I also send the poem to my mother, to express my gratitude to my mother。





  Speaking of mother care about me, it may be said not to finish, today, I'll tell you a story that I can not forget。

  It was a sunny morning, we are quietly listening to the teacher。 Suddenly, a downpour。 Is it right? Dad and mother quarrel cloud cloud, rain are quietly slipped out。 Oh, that 's too bad。 I almost cried, I also did not take an umbrella!

  Soon after school, I and the students were umbrella, walked out of the school。 I am very anxious, suddenly, I saw a mother figure, because mom is a near-sighted, she can't find me, where to look east look west also very anxious, I thought: “mom really hard, so big rain, but also to meet me。” I picked up the pace, walked to the front of her mother, said to his mother: “Mom, I'm here!” Her mother turned, said to me: “the cold, don't catch a cold。 We go home quickly!” I nodded。 Then, my mother took me by the hand, and went to the home。

  Along the way, mom always afraid I was the rain dolls hit, therefore, always an umbrella to my side, but, she was drenched through with rain。 More rain under the greater, mother let me go to a place where there is no water, and she went on very wet ground, sometimes, she stepped on a puddle, her pants are wet。

  After a while, we returned home, my mother gave me to wear a coat, I was touched。

  Ah! Mother's love is the greatest thing in the world!








  You heard of "pitiful world parents heart" this famous saying, yes, this quote is a quote about with their parents。

  Next, I will give you say my parents。

  My parents are very painful, I remember a stormy night, bean big rain to smash the window cracked。 At that night, I suddenly shook to whole body after wake up the sleeping mother, a mother took out a thermometer, 39 degrees。 At this point it out, hurriedly wake up dad, dad went to the kitchen for fever and water, and after I take, then lying in bed, absently fell asleep。 When I woke up, opened his eyes and found parents still beside me watching, there is a kind of say a feeling in my heart。 I really thank my parents very much。

  Drips of tu, when yongquan, the world's largest kindness, is the parents' support。 Is worth we use to cherish life, with a sincere heart to appreciate, with practical action to gratitude。

  Now I finally understand "pitiful world parents heart", the meaning of the words, so the world's most precious, the greatest is the parents' love and care。 We must be grateful parents grew up。







  One day more than a decade ago, our parents with tears, smiles and happiness to greet our arrival。 But when we came to the world at the moment, the parents have more of a heavy work - to take care of us。

  Although this is a heavy burden, but the parents have no plaints and I grew up raising。 In order to give us a fortable living environment, they are always so hard, then the effort。 Small, I always treat this issue as a matter of course, because I do not understand the hard work their parents do not know。

  Now, I grew up, and I know with a heart of Thanksgiving to appreciate their parents, should take care, the responsibility of your parents。 Sun is just past my 20th birthday that day, I would first think of Thanksgiving is to parents, because my parents have only gives me the opportunity to savor the world of colorful and well-being of life, enjoy life happiness and well-being, is that they gave me life, gave me the care of in every possible way。 With sons and daughters happy, happy most of the parents, children with depression, it is most concerned about the parents。 Licking the calf love, parental love, deep as the sea。

  Therefore, no matter the social status of parents, level of knowledge and other qualities, they are our greatest benefactor this life is worthy of our love of the people forever。 Students might say nothing of their own blessings, but for parents, this sound a better blessing than anything, are unforgettable, are sufficient to enable them to tears。




  舔犊情深,父母之爱,深如大海。所以,不管父母的社会地位、知识水平以及其它素养如何,他们都是我们今生最大的恩人,是值得我们永远去爱的人。 同学们,或许一声祝福对自我算不了什么,但对父母来说,这声祝福却比什么都完美,都难忘,都足以使他们热泪盈眶!


  My Mother isa kind and gentle woman。 She is always very gentle。 She takes good care of her children and keeps them all at school。 I have one brother and two sistets。 So she gets four children in all。 She gives us every fort。 We all love her and she loves us also。

  My mother has too much to do in bringing us up。 As our family is too poor to keep a servant, my mother has always to do very much work。 She gets up very early and sleeps very late every day。 She works hard, yet without plaining。

  She is also a thrifty, and industrious woman。 She saves every cent that she can and keeps everything in order。 As she has been busy ever since she was young, she looks older than she really is。 Her face is wrinkled, her hair bees silver white, but she works as hard as ever。

  Often she says to us, “work while you work, play while you play。 If you do not work, you will bee lazy and of no use to society。” What piece of good advice this is! We must worth it well and always keep it in our mind。






  I consider my parents as the most important people in my life。 This is not because they're wealthy or famous。 Rather, what I value about most is the care and love they show to me。

  My parents might work hard, but they're always there for me。 Whenever I get into trouble and desperately need a hand, they e over first to support me and encourage me。 I grew up with their constant care and love。 While they're getting older with grey hair and wrinkles, they never lose dignity in both life and jobs。

  From my parents, I have learned that one person can really make a difference。 I'll never forget their care and love。 Gratefulness brings a great fullness to life。 I wish they could always be happy and healthy。 It is high time we expressed our gratitude to people we cherish!





  Thanksgiving parents, filial piety parents is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation。 The ancients cloud: "who play inch grass heart, reported to the three inches across?" Parents give us life, gave us a good living environment。。。

  They disregard the heat in the summer, summer gave us excellent condition, air conditioning, puter, mobile phone。。。 We are watching TV, playing puter, but they in the sun, and hard to feed their families。 Back their black, thin, more wrinkles, head of white hair more。

  Autumn, collect food, after collect covered in ash, dirty。 Rain to take us to learn, even if he had been rain, let's get wet in the rain。 Beads of rain drops fall on your hair, drops to the face, in my heart。

  It's snowing in the winter。 We are in play in the snow, they worry that we fell down? Does it hurt? The frostbite? You need to wipe medicine? To take us to learn, large tracts of snow fall in the body, but looking at us happy smile。。。

  Parents are so take care of us, we don't know returns, ungrateful。 "Who made the heart-inch grass, at a three inch across?" At that time I didn't understand the meaning of this sentence。

  孝顺父母感恩父母,是中华民族的传统美德 。古人云:“谁演寸草心,报的三寸晖?”父母赐给了我们生命,赐给了我们良好的生活环境……






  Last week our music teacher taught us a song, named Indebted Heart。 Through it I know that we should live with a thankful heart。 At that time, I think of my parents。 I think they are the first people I should thank。 It's them who give me life。 It's them who give me home。 It's them who bring me up。 It's them who look after me。 It's them who teach me knowledge and live happily。 I should thank my parents giving me so much。 Maybe I should think how to pay back the love my parents give me。 But now I think the best way to be appreciated of my parents is to study well and then being a useful person to the society when I grow up。



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